Nova Darling

Scenes From Screenplays


November 01 2022

Romell enters the vehicle



X pulls out a pistol and sets it on my lap while looking out the window.

“Is there something you want to tell me?”

Romell is visibly nervous


“Nah, nothing I can think of”


“Unless you’re talking about the paper cups”

X grips the pistol

“You hired me to run the business. I’m running it. I know you like paper but styrofoam cups are cheaper. I was just thinking with the run-ins with the Colombians and everything else, you must be down at least 30 racks a week and the paper cups cost more than double than styrofoam…just thinking we can save money wherever we can”

“I brought you down here to run The Kay, not to worry about what goes on between hubbard and greenwich, and down here, we call that pocket watching. You know what pocket watching gets you?

X turns to look out Romells window and points


“That right there”

Romell turns to look, X puts the pistol to his head and pulls the trigger.

Honorable Heist

January 01 2023

Professor begins to introduce the guest speaker as paradise tilts her laptop screen down.


“Lets welcome Dr. Carmichael”

Dr. Carmichael

It’s so wonderful to be meeting the future historians of the world. I usually like to save this collection for last but I recently added a letter I've been tracking down for almost a year now. 

Carmichael picks up a laminated book and reads the title

“Lovers from afar”

He smiles to himself 

“I picked that title myself…I’ll read you an excerpt. This letter is from a slave who has been sold to Tennessee and his wife and assumed child have been left in Alabama.

Carmichael begins to read in what he believes to be the accent of an enslaved man

“My one bright hope is that we are reunited. At night, my soul vibrates in your absence. My chest aches. Hold onto the north star and we will be together in the future.”

Kayla, in the seat next to paradise, leans over to paradise

“dise…Is he collecting love letters from enslaved Africans?”


“Looks like it”


“That's fucked up…shouldn't we do something?

“I’m already hatching a plan”

They share a look and turn their attention back to Dr. Carmichael.